"If you're injured, we can help!"

A Law Firm That Puts the Client First


Attorneys Sean Lohman and Richard Decker have built their practice on the philosophy that clients come first. The law firm was founded in the 1970's by Mr. Lohman's father and continues to serve injured victims throughout Kentucky with client-centered care, individualized attention, and favorable results. Every client at The Lohman Law Offices, PSC deals with an attorney throughout their case rather than a paralegal or case manager because our lawyers have the client's best interests in mind.

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Sean: My name is Sean Lohman, and I've been practicing law for 24 years in Louisville and throughout the state of Kentucky. I'm a senior partner with the Lohman Law Offices. Our firm was founded back in the early 1970s by my father, Robert Lohman Jr. He was a former judge and a great trial lawyer who tried cases throughout the state, set some law through the court system that still exists today. One of the things that my father instilled in me and instilled in my law partner, and that remains a core of our practice, is providing excellent legal care for our clients. Richard: I knew right away that this is where I wanted to be. They came with the attitude that the clients are always first. The goal here is to help people. When they come in here, they're distraught, a lot of them are depressed, they've been seriously injured, and they don't know where to turn. And most of them have never even been to a law office, have no idea what they're doing in the law office. Their job is to get healthy. That's their job. Our job is to make sure that they are compensated for their injuries that they suffered because of someone else's damages. Sean: The thing that makes the Lohman Law Offices special and sets us apart from other firms is that each client that comes through this door is assigned to an attorney, not a case manager, not a staff person, but to an attorney. And we handle your cases directly. We make hospital visits and home visits for people who cannot get out of bed or out of a chair to come see us. A lot of people can't drive. And so we go into the hospitals and into homes to meet with our clients individually. The attorneys do, not just a staff member. But the attorneys do that, and that sets us aside from other law firms that send out case specialists or paralegals to meet with their potential clients, and having attorneys do that, sets us aside from others. Richard: We don't just pigeonhole one particular injury. If you have an injury, we can handle it. That's what we do here. And like I said, when a client comes in here, we want to give them assurance that their case is going to be dealt with professionally, timely, and in their best interest. That's our goal. Sean: We may have other clients, but every client has only one case. And we respect that. And we want each client to feel as if they have been given a fair amount of attention, that their questions have been answered, and when they leave us at the end of their case, that justice has been served. And that's the most important thing.