"That's what we do."

Personal Injury Lawyers Represent Your Best Interests


At The Lohman Law Offices, PSC, we represent individuals injured due to negligence. While an insurance company will work to minimize their exposure and minimize your payout, our team has your best interests in mind. A personal injury lawyer can build a compelling case and maximize your settlement or award.

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We are a personal injury law firm. That's what we do. Our firm represents individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of other people, whether it involves an auto accident, a slip and fall, a medical malpractice claim. And whether it involves a work injury, that does not have to be the negligence of someone else, as long as the injury took place on the work site, then the individual has a valid workers' compensation claim. It's very important in a personal injury case to have a lawyer on your side from the very beginning. Memories fade. Evidence disappears. The person who watched a car run a red light may forget what the color of the car was, or where the other cars were at the time that the car ran the red light, things like that. And so, because of that, it's important to contact an attorney immediately after an auto accident occurs, or after a slip and fall happens. In thinking about hiring an attorney, think about what's going on, on the other side of your case. They have lawyers at that insurance company working on their side. They have lawyers telling them what they need to do, what the insurance carriers need to do to minimize their exposure and to minimize what they are going to pay you at the end of your case. It only makes sense that you should have a lawyer on your side, who can work for you to determine how you're going to maximize your settlement at the end of the case. Or if the case can't settle, how you're going to maximize what you get in front of the jury. In other words, have a lawyer early on, who's going to figure out from the very beginning how best to get you justice for the injury that you suffered.