Brian's Story

Car Accident Lawyer Testimonial


In this car accident attorney testimonial, Brian explains that he has been working with The Lohman Law Offices for roughly 20 years and depends on our team of lawyers each time he needs legal representation. Following his son's car accident injury, our team took care of his injuries and bills in a timely and effective manner. He continues to choose Sean Lohman and Richard Decker because of their honesty, communication, and hassle-free representation.

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Yes. I've been using the Lohman Law Office for roughly 20 years plus now. And I had Rick Decker represent my son, Quinton, in a car injury crash on the Outer Loop roughly 10 years ago. There was a van who made a left on a red light and seriously injured my son and broke his femur and a lot of other things. And the Lohman Law Office really took care of my son's injuries and bills and everything properly and quickly. I was referred to the Lohman Law Office, like I said, over 20 years ago, and started out with Bob Lohman, and just been with them ever since. Used them for multiple different situations. Any time I want to use a law firm, I will call the Lohman Law firm. They're friendly, up front, honest. They will tell you if they have a case, if they don't have a case, and they will fight very hard for you. What I like about working with the firm is pretty much hassle free. We gave them all the information, and they pretty much took it from there. They tell you what to expect and about when to expect it. All I had to do was sit back and wait. I would most definitely recommend the Lohman Law Office. They are awesome. They will take care of anything you need.