Rocky and Lynda's Story

Workers' Comp Lawyer Testimonial


In this workers' comp lawyer testimonial, Rocky and Lynda explain that Sean P. Lohman and the entire team at The Lohman Law Offices, PSC, helped their family settle a workers' compensation case. Following a work injury, Rocky's financial situation was extremely worrying. By hiring a workers' compensation lawyer, he was able to achieve the compensation he needed.

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Yes. Back, I injured myself at work, a work-related injury, and I seeked out Sean for representing me. I was off work figuring I wouldn't need a representative, and my wife suggested Sean, because his dad represented her a long time ago. It was my obligations to my family was great. I had children and I was worrying about how things would go. And he helped us through that process. With Sean, they were friendly, personal, and his staff was also friendly too. The process, well we had to reopen the case after the first time. So he actually represented me twice on two separate occasions. And that created a friendship with Sean Lohman and his staff. I was very satisfied with Sean and his staff. We had progress made and also got it settled. If I was telling a friend, I would definitely recommend them to Sean. Number one, he's effective. Number two, he's personal and his staff, again is friendly.