What is Premises Liability?

Our Firm Holds Negligent Property Owners Accountable


Property owners have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions, and if you are injured on their property, you may be eligible for compensation. We have represented hundreds of premises liability cases and earned thousands of dollars for clients who previously had not been offered a dime by negligent parties. Following your injury, be sure to contact a premises liability lawyer immediately, collect evidence, and file the proper documentation to help build the strongest possible case.

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What is premise liability? Basically, that is when someone gets injured on another person's property due to their negligence for not keeping it safe, and anybody who owns a property, whether it's a corporation, doesn't matter, private individual. If you're invited onto their property, they have a responsibility to maintain their property in a safe condition for anybody that they allow onto their property. And if you happen to get injured because there's some unsafe condition, then they're liable for that. That's basically premise liability in a nutshell. The biggest problem of premise liability cases is the injured party doesn't usually get the evidence that they need to prove their case in court. A good example. You're going up their set of stairs and the stairs are not well maintained, and the board is rot and it cracks through and you fall and get hurt. By the time you get back to the scene, if you wait too long, they fix that problem and we can't show what kind of condition it was in the first place. So it's important to contact the attorney immediately, secure any evidence that you can, make sure you follow up with their report if you can. Say for example, you get hurt in a Walmart, Kroger or something like that. Make sure you give an incident report. Make sure you document your damages. Take photographs of your injuries. Have someone else from your family or friends before you, if you haven't gotten ahold of an attorney yet, go back and take photographs of the scene so you can secure all that information, because your attorney's going to need that in this case, and it's extremely important. We've done hundreds and hundreds of these cases. One comes to mind. One of our clients had the misfortune of getting injured on a home where a furnace had exploded. And she was caught fire. Very bad burns. And they didn't want to pay her a nickel. Not a nickel. We had to fight them tooth and nail. But they paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars because of our efforts. She was injured and deserved compensation, and we made sure she got it.