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Helping Injured Motorcyclists


Because of the size and lack of safety features on motorcycles, motorcyclists can sustain serious or lethal injuries during an accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer can find out how the accident occurred and obtain the necessary evidence to present your case to an insurance carrier or jury. The lawyers at The Lohman Law Offices, PSC, have represented a significant amount of these cases.

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Our office has a significant amount of experience in handling cases involving motorcycle accidents. I personally have represented many people who have been injured on motorcycles. Most recently, I represented an individual who was killed while driving his motorcycle out in the east end of Jefferson County here in Louisville. He was driving up a street and a lady pulled out right in front of him and caused him to veer out of the way, go into a ditch, and he was killed instantly. I also represented someone who was driving a motorcycle down the street in Louisville, Kentucky, and hit a pothole that the city had failed to repair. This person sustained serious physical injuries resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Contacting an attorney early on following a motorcycle accident is important. Finding out how an accident occurred, getting an accident reconstruction on a death case, showing the pothole that somebody ran into because the city failed to fill it. That's important to photograph and to document before the city gets out there and repairs it, or before skid marks are gone, or before debris on the side of the road has been removed or washes away. So, in a motorcycle case, it's very important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible following the accident. An individual who suffered from a motorcycle accident can expect certain things from our firm. They can expect that their case is going to be handled by an attorney, not a case manager or a paralegal. An attorney is going to handle their motorcycle injury directly. When they call in and they need their questions answered, an attorney in our office is going to return that call and is going to give them the answers that they so desperately need. An attorney is going to begin preparing their case from day one to present it to an insurance carrier for the possibility of settlement, and if we have to go to jury, it's going to be prepared to present the case to a jury. When the insurance carriers see how well prepared we are, they typically settle these cases for more than many other firms can recover on behalf of clients.