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A highway collision with a semi-truck is a nightmare scenario for any driver. This fear becomes a devastating reality for the many drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who are catastrophically injured or killed by big rigs every year. Victims and families are urged to seek legal help from a truck accident lawyer at the Lohman Law Offices in Louisville, KY

The attorneys at Lohman Law have been assisting personal injury clients for more than four decades, aggressively representing many truck accident victims. We know the trucking industry inside and out, and are not intimidated by national firms, insurance representatives, or defense lawyers. Please contact us to set up your free consultation today.

We collect no legal fees until we are able to obtain a settlement or jury award for you, and if we take your case, we fully expect to win.

About Trucking Accidents

speed limitThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that there were more than 73,000 truck-related injury accidents in 2013, and 3,906 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes. These accidents include rollovers, runaway trucks, jackknife incidents, and hazardous cargo spills. They leave true devastation in their wake.

The victim of a truck accident has a different type of civil case than the typical auto accident plaintiff. The fault of the accident might lay with the truck driver and may also be attributable to negligence on the part of the motor carrier. Other parties may be responsible for faulty equipment or unsafe cargo. There are often numerous defendants and insurance companies involved in these complex matters.

The government is very much involved in safety issues pertaining to commercial trucking, setting regulations and mandating inspections and record keeping. The FMCSA enforces standards pertaining to driver hiring and training, cargo securement, drug and alcohol testing, vehicle maintenance, and more. Logs and records are available by subpoena, and our truck accident attorneys act quickly to obtain them. Combined with police reports, witness statements, and accident reconstruction, these records can establish evidence of driver fatigue and other types of safety violations or negligent operations.

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Sean Lohman and Richard Decker

Because of their sheer size and weight, a commercial truck can cause devastating injuries or even death when they collide with passenger vehicles. Attorneys Sean Lohman and Richard Decker have been representing personal injury victims for over four decades, so they can investigate your accident and build a compelling case to help you recover the maximum compensation possible from a trucking company or another negligent party. Our lawyers are affiliated with top legal organizations, including:

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Compensation for Injuries and Losses

calculatingA serious truck accident can cause crippling injuries, loss of income, or wrongful death. Although Kentucky is a “no-fault” accident state, victims with extensive injuries and losses have a right to seek compensation through the court system. In these cases, Kentucky holds to a "pure comparative fault rule," allowing seriously injured victims to receive compensation even if they were partially at fault for an accident.  

The experienced attorneys at Lohman Law Offices are dedicated to helping truck accident victims. We work tirelessly to demonstrate your damages and establish clear liability. We collect no legal fees until we are able to obtain a settlement or jury award for you, and if we take your case, we fully expect to win.

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