Personal Injury Law

Man on crutches

Personal Injury: An Overview

If you suffered an injury or loss in Kentucky as the result of another party's negligent actions, the team at the Lohman Law Offices is here to provide the expert legal support you deserve. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping patients secure compensation in a range of personal injury cases, and we offer free legal consultations.

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Damaged car after a front-end collision

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can result in property loss, severe injuries, and significant emotional distress. Insurance adjusters will often try to minimize loss claims after an accident, so it is important to seek professional legal assistance before speaking to an insurance representative. We will provide unwavering support throughout the legal process to help you collect the compensation you deserve.

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Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks vastly outweigh passenger cars, and many haul potentially dangerous cargo. When a collision occurs between a big rig and a car or pick-up, the occupants of the smaller vehicle can suffer catastrophic injuries or death. Trucking companies are regulated by strict laws - and usually backed by large law firms. These complex cases require expert legal representation by a firm with proven experience.

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Railroad workers

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation laws are in place to provide support during recovery from a work-related injury or illness. Unfortunately, many just claims are denied. Our lawyers have a detailed understanding of Kentucky workers' compensation laws and can help you collect.

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Two roses lying on a gravestone

Wrongful Death

When a loved one is killed in a tragic accident, life is never the same. In addition to the great emotional toll, families of victims must handle funeral arrangements and other expenses while planning for a loss of income and other losses. You can count on our attorneys to help you collect compensation while your family focuses on healing during this difficult time.

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Social Security Disability Claim form with a red 'approved' stamp

Social Security Disability

The federal Social Security Disability (SSD) program is intended to provide for those who can no longer work due to disability. However, the process of obtaining SSD income can often be confusing, with complicated requirements and strict deadlines. We can help you successfully navigate this system and even appeal a claim that was denied. We have proven expertise in helping disabled clients protect their best interests. 

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Blurred photo of a motorcycle rider

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles provide little protection for the driver, which can mean significant personal injury and even death in the event of a crash. It is vital to seek legal representation from a trusted personal injury law firm when you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Our team can help hold responsible parties liable, allowing you to focus on recovery after an accident.

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Photo of keys next to a drink

Drunk Driving and DUI Accidents

An unfortunately large percentage of motor vehicle accidents involve drunk drivers and those under the influence of drugs. Damage from these incidents can prove significant or even fatal to those involved in the crash. Strong legal representation from Lohman Law is absolutely essential to bring penalties against impaired drivers and help prevent these situations from happening to others.

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Photo of a man falling down the stairs

Premises Liability

Businesses and other properties sometimes present unsafe conditions when owners or employees intentionally neglect maintenance or fail to notice a hazard such as a spill. These unsafe conditions can cause visitors to slip and fall or sustain a variety of serious personal injuries. Partnering with a trusted personal injury firm and successful legal team can help victims and their loved ones recover after these stressful incidents.

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