Verdicts and Settlements

Realizing that each case is evaluated and resolved on its own merits, the following are some of our settlements and verdicts:

$1,750,000.00    Automobile accident resulting in death.  Vehicle crossed the center line causing the death of our client’s father.

$1,000,000.00    Legal malpractice claim against attorney who allowed statute of limitations to lapse on a claim that asbestos exposure led to client’s husband’s death.

$515,000.00    Teenage boy was a passenger in motor vehicle when the vehicle ran off the road causing the boy to fracture his pelvis.  

$550,000.00    Judgment awarded against individual who shot client.

$450,000.00    Driver crossed median of expressway causing severe head-on collision with client.  Severe injuries to client resulted in insurance policy limits being paid.

$370,000.00    Client was standing in the emergency lane with his truck when a vehicle pulling a trailer struck him, causing serious injuries.  Client also had a workers’ compensation claim which was resolved in his favor after litigation.

$350,000.00    Client driving truck when another vehicle pulled out in front of him causing collision.  Resulted in fractured hip which required surgery.

$350,000.00    Client passenger in vehicle which was rear-ended.  Struck head causing damage to left eye which eventually resolved. 

$300,000.00    Woman in friend’s basement when gas leaking from water heater exploded resulting in burns from the knees down.

$300,000.00    Vehicle pulled out in front of client as he traveled on Outer Loop.  Neck injury required surgery.

$298,803.56    Lump sum award for client in a workers’ compensation claim when he fell from an electric pole and injured his lumbar spine.

$250,000.00    Motorcyclist swerved to miss car that pulled out in front of him, causing him to drive motorcycle into a ditch.

$246,625.00    Value of award for work injury resulting from a rear-end motor vehicle collision which injured client’s left shoulder and neck.  Client recovered $102,710.71 in lump sum and made separate recovery against person who caused motor vehicle accident.

$245,000.00    Client driving wrecker that was forced off road by another driver injuring his neck.  Recovered an additional $85,000.00 from client’s employer’s workers’ compensation carrier in lump sum.

$225,000.00    Client injured his left shoulder and right ankle when he was hit head-on by a driver who hydroplaned into his lane of traffic.

$219,566.00    Client injured working with a wood chipper was paid lump sum settlement for injury to his hand.        

$212,000.00    Client was nurse who sustained herniated disc in neck while lifting a patient.  Lump sum settlement recovered for client.

$210,000.00    Client suffered neck injury which required surgery following an automobile accident. 

$200,000.00    While waiting at a stop light to turn left, client rear-ended, resulting in cervical strain/sprain and cervical dystonia/spasmodic torticollis.     

$195,000.00    Auto accident which resulted in fractures in both of client’s feet.      

$180,000.00    Driver sitting in parking lot waiting to pull out onto road when teenage driver turns into the lot at a high rate of speed hitting her car in the driver’s side, causing neck injury which required surgery.

$170,000.00    Workers’ compensation award paid in lump sum resulting from low back injury which occurred while moving a dryer.

$170,000.00    Work injury occurred when client was unloading a truck and items fell, striking him on the shoulder and back.  Caused back injury.  Lump sum settlement for client.

$140,000.00    Recovered lump sum settlement for client for work injury to his back which resulted from raising the deck on a train car.

$130,000.00    Client rear-ended while in his pick-up truck on I-71 by a truck.  Caused fractured rib as well as whiplash injury to the neck and a low back strain. 

$130,000.00    Car rear-ended by another car while traveling on Watterson Expressway.  Neck injury with no surgery required.

$125,000.00    Work injury paid in a lump sum to client who injured himself when he fell while working as a cook and sustained a persistent hernia.

$125,000.00    Client was a back seat passenger in a motor vehicle when it was rear-ended, causing injuries that included two fractures in his right arm and an injury to his face.  Insurance policy limits paid.

$125,000.00    Driver slid on ice causing impact with client’s vehicle.  Caused neck injury.

$125,000.00    Pedestrian struck at crosswalk when a vehicle turned into her.  Caused broken leg.

$121,000.00    Client rear-ended by a dump truck while sitting on exit from Gene Snyder Freeway.  Cervical spine injury.  Workers’ compensation claim settled for lump sum and auto accident claim settled separately.

$120,000.00    Lump sum settlement reached for work injury which resulted in client’s eye being damaged.

$120,000.00    EMS worker lifting a patient onto a stretcher and sustained a herniated disc in neck.  Lump sum settlement recovered.

$118,000.00    Client pushing a dumpster at work when it rolled back and crushed her foot.  Lump sum settlement recovered for client.

$110,002.65    Motorcycle passenger was thrown from motorcycle and suffered from neck and lumbar sprain/strain injuries.

$108,227.87    Client fell while loading rail cars, injuring her low back.  Lump sum award for work injury.

$102,000.00    Work injury.  Lump sum settlement paid for driver of tow truck who suffered from neck and low back injuries.

$100,000.00    Client at stop sign on San Jose when he was struck from behind.  Caused injury to his shoulder.

$100,000.00    Client rear-ended on I-65 at I-265 exit which caused injury to low back.  No surgery required.  

$100,000.00    Client sustained injury to shoulder when she was rear-ended by another vehicle.

$100,000.00    Pedestrian whose arm was struck by motor vehicle at an intersection while crossing the street causing shoulder injury.  Primary case was workers’ compensation out of Tennessee.  This was recovery in liability portion of the claim.

$100,000.00    Property loss claim.  Client’s tow truck was wrongfully repossessed.  Towing company was made to pay loss of use and replacement for the truck.

$100,000.00    Car backed into vehicle in which client was a passenger.  Client sustained neck injury and involuntary tremors.  No surgery.  

$100,000.00    Client at stop light and hit from rear.  Severe impact bent the frame of the vehicle.  Client suffered neck and low back injuries.

$100,000.00    Merging onto I-65, client was rear-ended by a semi.  Injury to low back which required surgery with very good recovery.

$100,000.00    Client was passenger in vehicle that lost control resulting in a vertebral fracture which healed. 

$100,000.00    Client at stop sign when another vehicle ran the stop sign crashing into client’s vehicle.  Caused injury to client’s low back.

$100,000.00    While pulling a rope at work, client felt a “pop” in low back which resulted in a low back surgery for a herniated disc.  Lump sum settlement for client.

$100,000.00    Work injury.  Client was digging a trench and felt “pop” in his back.  Low back injury resulting in surgery.  Recovered lump sum settlement for client.

$100,000.00    Client was passenger in a vehicle when the driver lost control and the vehicle ran into a tree, injuring client’s neck.  

$100,000.00    Client caused to fall out of chair at work by another employee.  Injured her shoulder.  Lump sum settlement obtained.

$98,438.67    Client sitting at stop light and was rear-ended.  Sustained neck and back strain/sprain.

$95,000.00    Client was “t-boned” when a vehicle ran red light, striking her in passenger side.  Significant pain to back and neck which eventually resolved.

$95,000.00    Client was passenger in vehicle that flipped when trying to avoid an accident.  Client sustained lacerations and neck and back sprain/strain injuries.

$92,000.00    Lump sum settlement for client who stepped in a grate and broke foot while at work.        

$90,000.00    Client was school bus driver who was injured when he slipped and fell coming off school bus.  Lump sum settlement recovered for client.

$90,000.00    Recovered settlement for client who was caused to wreck her car due to an  uninsured driver.  Injury was to client’s back and knee.

$90,000.00    Neck injury resulting from throwing scrap into a scrap bin at work.  Lump sum settlement reached.

$88,988.00    Client was putting up scaffolding in a two-story foyer when he fell from the scaffolding.  Client received lump sum settlement for his injuries.

$87,500.00    Law suit against police department for making false allegations which resulted in indictment being taken against client.

$85,700.00    Premises liability.  Client fell walking out of elevator in office building causing an injury to his shoulder.  In addition, $39,483.00 in benefits were awarded through the workers’ compensation claim.

$86,000.00    Client fell while trying to climb into the cab of his crane and injured left wrist.  Lump sum recovered for work injury.

$85,555.00    Hip injury after client fell on hardwood floor at work.  Lump sum settlement recovered.

$85,000.00    Client sustained a low back injury while lifting doors at work.  A lump sum settlement recovered. 

$85,000.00    Lump sum workers’ compensation settlement for client who injured low back while shoveling concrete for his employer.

$82,082.00    Work injury to neck caused while working on auto manufacturer  assembly line. Settlement paid in lump sum.

$80,000.00    Client driving straight through parking lot when another driver drove into her passenger side door, causing her low back and neck injuries.

$79,000.00    Motorcycle injury.  Client on motorcycle when a vehicle pulled out in front of him.  Client’s leg struck the bumper causing him to fall off the bike, resulting in neck and low back sprain/strain.

$79,000.00    Automobile accident when semi on I-71 was struck by another vehicle, causing semi to lose control and strike client’s vehicle.  Injuries to back and left leg.

$75,000.00    Passenger in motor vehicle which lost control on road and struck a building.  Small cut to ear and sprain/strain to neck and low back.

$75,000.00    Client injured left shoulder in automobile rear-end collision.

$75,000.00    Work injury.  Client injured while driving a dump truck.  Truck hit a hole, caused a severe jolt causing injury to client’s back and ribs.  Lump sum money paid.

$70,000.00    Client fell at work aggravating her degenerative disc disease and which resulted in a surgery.  Lump sum recovered for client.

$70,000.00    Client in back seat of car which ran into a tree, causing a head injury.  After several months of treatment, client fully recovered.

$70,000.00    Lump sum settlement recovered for work injury.  Client slipped while walking down stairs, causing himself to strike his low back against concrete steps.  Low back injury.

$70,000.00    Child was restrained passenger in back seat of vehicle when struck by another vehicle.  Child sustained a laceration on his head.

$67,500.00    Client driver of motor vehicle which was rear-ended, causing shoulder injury.

$65,000.00    Presmises liability.  Client fell in water in a major chain store which resulted in a biceps tendon tear.

$65,000.00    Premises liability.  Client walking on sidewalk, tripped and fell because the stairs were uneven.  Sprain/strain to neck.

$65,000.00    Client fell while working, causing hand injury.  Recovered lump sum settlement for client.

$65,000.00    Work injury.  While client was lifting a patient from bed into a chair, client felt pain in low back.  Lump sum money paid.

$65,000.00    Work injury.    Client was operating a punch machine when a table was pushed into his hip causing a right hip injury.  Lump sum money paid.

$63,000.00    Dog Bite case. Eleven year old boy bit in the leg by a dog which left minor scarring.

$60,500.00    Received lump sum for work injury to client who suffered from a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder.

$60,000.00    Vehicle ran stop sign and t-boned client’s vehicle.  Caused shoulder injury which led to a full  repair of rotator cuff. 

$60,000.00    Client’s vehicle was struck by a wheel that came off of a vehicle traveling the opposite direction on the Gene Snyder Freeway.  Client injured his neck.

$60,000.00    Lump sum recovery for work injury when client was raising a garage door and the door fell onto his hand, causing injury to wrist.

$60,000.00    Work injury.  Client was on ladder when it was knocked over causing a fractured leg.  Lump sum money paid.

$60,000.00    Lump sum recovery for worker who was injured when lifting a heavy piece of metal into a machine.  Low back injury.

$60,000.00    Client fell from ladder while coming off of a roof.  Resulted in injuries to back.  Lump sum settlement.

$55,000.00    Chain reaction rear-end collision caused back injury to client.

$50,000.00    A vehicle turned directly in the path of client’s vehicle, causing client to run into the other vehicle.  Client suffered injuries to her hands and wrists.

$50,000.00    Out of control driver hit client’s vehicle causing client’s ankle to fracture.  Client fully recovered.

$50,000.00    Motorcycle injury to right ankle, pelvis and hip when other party ran red light and hit client who was on his motorcycle.  Insurance policy limits paid.

$50,000.00    Client traveling on Towne Center Drive in Louisville, Kentucky, when another vehicle failed to yield the right of way and pulled out in front of him, causing him to strike the other vehicle.  Sprain/strain to neck and low back as well as left shoulder strain.

$50,000.00    Work injury.  Client slipped and fell when he stepped onto a painted curb which was wet due to rain, causing a low back injury.  Lump sum money paid. 

$50,000.00    While sitting at stop sign client was struck in the rear end, causing neck injury.

$50,000.00    Client traveling on Highway 22 in Oldham County, Kentucky, when he was rear-ended by another vehicle resulting in right rotator cuff repair.

$50,000.00    Work injury.  Bags of rice fell on client causing a shoulder injury.  No surgery. Lump sum money paid.

$50,000.00    Client driving vehicle that was rear-ended which caused injury to her knee.  Client had pre-existing issues with knee, but they were aggravated by accident resulting in need for surgery.