Car Accidents and Road Conditions

March 11, 2010 @ 07:44 PM -- by unknown
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There are several ways that car accidents can occur due to bad road conditions. The first is the way the road is designed. If the plan is poor, the way the road is set up may contribute to some car accidents. The way this happens is that the driver may not see other vehicles. If you feel you are on a road that is difficult to drive on, please use extra caution and follow the speed limit.

If the road design is not very good it may increase the risk of an accident during bad weather. If the road is already difficult to maneuver, adding snow, sleet, or rain to impair drivers will only make it more difficult.

Lack of nighttime lighting makes for a poor road design. Some areas have deer or other wild animals that the driver of a vehicle may hit. Had there been lighting, the driver may have been warned ahead of time to slow down or stop. Or perhaps the lighting would have saved a driver from crossing the line into the other person’s lane or driving into the ditch. Another poor road design includes lack of signs or signals on the road.

You may contact a lawyer to see if poor road design contributed to your car accident or truck accident.

Bad weather is a definite contributing factor to road conditions. Snow, sleet, slush, and rain may make the road you are driving on slippery or slick. To help prevent a car accident due to road conditions, it is wise to drive safely. Decrease your speed and drive with the utmost attention. If the weather is so bad, you may want to pull your vehicle over to the side of the road, take a break, and wait for the weather to become safer to drive in.

The third reason for car accidents due to road conditions is poor maintenance. If the area you drive on has potholes or other wear and tear to the road, overgrown trees and other greenery, and fading road signs, this can be a contributor to car accidents.

If you are coming up to an intersection and there are trees in the way, you may not see an oncoming car and pull out in front of him or her, thus being involved in a car accident.

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